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On the accelerator pedal


Big Revolution recently had the pleasure of helping startups on the WeWork Labs programme in London and the Ignite distributed accelerator with refining the language for their propositions and assessing their plans for telling their stories through the press. In the past, we’ve helped companies on L Marks’ United Utilities Innovation Lab in a similar way.

This work helps tech startups think about themselves in a fresh way that frames what they do to consistently make more sense to customers, investors, the press, and others. We can’t always go into as much depth as our one-to-one work with startups, but it still provides a good grounding in thinking in a clear, narrative-driven way.

We’re always happy to talk about ways to help startups, so drop us a line if you’d like to discuss your programme if you run an accelerator, or your startup portfolio if you’re an investor.

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