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Journalism skills for marketers: download and keep the video class


The latest Big Revolution video class download is here: Journalism for Marketers.

Sharpen up your marketing copy by learning how journalists produce snappy, readable, appealing reports. You'll learn from an experienced editor who has managed an international team of journalists.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why journalistic skills are important to marketers

  • Writing like a journalist: structure, focus, angles, respecting your reader

  • Thinking like a journalist: searching for the stories that matter to your audience

  • The secrets of a good headline

  • Improving content marketing with a journalistic approach

This is already our most successful video class thanks to the interest we’ve received ahead of release, and you can download it today as a video file you can share with your team.

It’s £69 to instantly download and keep. Visit our shop to get it now.

And look out for more classes to soon.

Martin Bryant