Big Revolution: Language-focused strategy

Big Revolution is…

Language-focused strategy for tech and media companies


What is your company all about?

The answer could surprise you.

We help you clearly define your company’s proposition to customers, partners, press, investors – even to yourselves.

We’re here for growth-stage businesses and startups alike, and product-focused tech and media companies are our sweet spot.

We’re an external eye on your strategy, with a belief that good communication is a core factor in the success of your business.



Simple, clear messaging

We’ll find the perfect way to describe your product, from snappy one–liners to reel off in an elevator pitch, to taglines and homepage copy, to more in–depth documentation.

Everyone needs an editor

We’re your external set of eyes to make sure your message is strong, your website copy is on point, your content strategy is robust, and your blog posts are tight and punchy.

A partner from the start

Get us involved in your project early and we’ll ensure your external messaging, internal vision, product, and customer proposition are perfectly aligned. We’ll work with you for as long as needed.

Press strategy

We’re not a PR firm, but we’ll help you determine what stories you should tell the media, when you should tell them, and whether you need the help of a PR professional.

Developing your mission

We can go deeper. Internal messaging is as important as what you tell the world. We’ll make sure your whole company is aligned on a vision that’s understandable by everyone.

Product assessment

We assessed thousands of tech products and businesses in the ten years before launching Big Revolution. We know what works, who it works for, and how to describe it.


We fit your needs

Depending on the stage you’re at, we can offer:

  • long-term support where we work closely with your team on an ongoing basis

  • short-term projects to get your company’s message and story into shape

  • a three-hour ‘health check’ consultancy (in person or remotely)

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