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Getting your story straight

Tech companies that know what they’re all about early on are at a distinct advantage. Many companies wait until too late to figure out how they’re going to position their product and their company.

Having a strong narrative from the start helps make sense of what you do, communicating a clear message to customers, investors, the media, and even your own team. Through in-depth conversations, targeted research, and a wealth of experience, we’ll craft your unique framing and positioning.

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Copy your rivals will wish they could copy

Once you’ve got a strong narrative, you need to put it into the right words. We’ll craft copy for your website, app, slide deck, and wherever else you need it.

We’ll find the perfect way to describe your product, from snappy one–liners to reel off in an elevator pitch, to taglines and homepage copy, to more in–depth documentation.

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Content that isn’t just filler

Through blog posts and guest articles for publications, you can explain more about your story, your mission, and your products. You can also position yourselves as experts in your field. The trouble is, far too much content is just that — something to fill a hole.

We create high-quality, unique posts, articles, and podcasts that draw on our in-depth experience of what makes for compelling, shareable content.

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Smart media engagement with no ‘spray and pray’

Media coverage is rarely a shortcut to success, but if you have a great story it can give you a real boost. For most tech companies, it’s only worth pitching the media in very specific situations and contexts.

We’ll advise you on the right stories to attract the right kind of media attention. And we’re honest — we’ll tell you up front when journalists won’t be interested.

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Want to give your marketing team a fresh perspective? Our bespoke face-to-face training covers all aspects of messaging and PR for tech companies.

We also work with investors and accelerators to support their companies with group and one-to-one sessions. Get in touch for more information


Our online video classes bring insights and skills in our fields of expertise to a wider audience.

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