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At Big Revolution we work closely with our clients to provide exactly what they need, but we want to share knowledge and skills more widely with as many tech companies as possible. That’s why we offer online video classes on topics around language, marketing, and journalism.

Big Revolution classes are presented by Martin SFP Bryant, an experienced journalist and editor who works to help technology companies craft a narrative around their products and business. He was previously Editor-in-Chief of international technology publication The Next Web, and Community Editor at Tech North, where he shone a light on the stories of startups and entrepreneurs in the North of England.

Martin Bryant

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Best for: Online marketing professionals early in their career or wanting a fresh perspective on their work.

Sharpen up your marketing copy by learning how journalists produce snappy, readable, appealing reports. You'll learn from an experienced editor who has managed an international team of journalists.

In this 55-minute class, you'll learn:

  • Why journalistic skills are important to marketers

  • Writing like a journalist: structure, focus, angles, respecting your reader

  • Thinking like a journalist: searching for the stories that matter to your audience

  • The secrets of a good headline

  • Improving content marketing with a journalistic approach

More classes coming soon…